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Commercial Staffing

The All Star Agency is the go-to partner for exceptional commercial workforce solutions across the United States. We take pride in connecting businesses in logistics, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, food processing, waste & recycling, energy (including renewable energy), and ports & terminals with All Star professionals who bring expertise and a touch of personality to their roles. Our nationwide network of All Stars is ready to help your business thrive.

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At The All Star Agency, we specialize in providing highly qualified automotive professionals who ensure smooth operations and contribute to your success. From skilled technicians  and dedicated assembly line workers, we supply professionals with the expertise and passion needed in the automotive industry.

Car-making factory

Vehicle Lot Drivers

We meticulously recruit and deploy associates who meet your compliance standards and demonstrate a commitment to excellence. As part of our screening process, we require associates who will be driving vehicles to have a clean DMV record. Additionally, our workers are guaranteed and insured by The All Star Agency, providing you with peace of mind.

Car Lot


As the renewable energy sector continues to expand across the country, our commitment is to provide a seamless match between your specific needs and our qualified trades craftsmen. We understand the critical role of a skilled trades Energy Foreman in optimizing project output, and we ensure their presence at each location to deliver unparalleled results.

Installing Solar Panel

Food Processing

In the fast-paced world of food processing, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations is paramount. At The All Star Agency, we specialize in providing specialized staffing solutions for the food processing industry. We connect you with professionals who excel in crucial roles such as production, packaging, sanitation, and more.

Food processing.png


The All Star Agency specializes in providing skilled manufacturing professionals dedicated to meeting production targets and maintaining exceptional quality standards. Our comprehensive staffing solutions cover various roles, including quality managers, inspectors, process engineers, production managers, machine operators, and assembly personnel.

Ports & Terminals

We understand the dynamic nature of the maritime environment and the need for adaptability and safety. Our skilled workforce is equipped to handle the industry's challenges and optimize hiring effectiveness. From gang workers to terminal operators, terminal holsters to container coordinators, we have a diverse range of talent ready to contribute to the success of your operations.

ports terminals.png

Waste & Recycling

Let us take care of your waste and recycling staffing requirements, so you can focus on making a positive impact. Our range of job functions includes roles such as recycling specialists, material handlers, industrial maintenance technicians, machine operators, production personnel, sorters, dismantlers, and forklift operators.

waste recycle.png

Warehouse/ Logistics

Our logistics staffing services encompass a wide range of positions, including skilled forklift operators, experienced warehouse staff, and efficient shipping and receiving personnel.
What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence and compliance. Our logistics All Stars bring their expertise and arrive at work certified and equipped with proper personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Smiling Worker in Warehouse
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The All Star
Agency Model

Solutions with a
Single Point of

The All Star


"Outstanding customer service, knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Greatly valued partnership!!!!" -  Barbara

"Cindie has been providing staffing for me for several years and has always gone above and beyond in her screening process to provide us the best staff possible. She is great at what she does!! Given the right opportunity, she always comes through." - George

"Cindie is by far one of the most amazing people in the staffing industry to work for. She communicates extremely well and provides amazing opportunities around the Dallas area. Her professionalism is unbeatable and her positive upbeat attitude is contagious. I would recommend Cindie and her team to everyone I know." - Jennifer

"Cindie is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to know. She is on point with proposals, upfront with no hidden agendas. Her professional attitude and attention to detail is unsurpassed. I would recommend Cindie to any potential clients, who want and need that straight forward yet understanding approach. If a business partner lands her in their organization they would have made an investment that would yield so much in experience, reputation, and overall success." - Les

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